Apple Launches ‘Tech Talks’ Tour for Apple TV Developers

Apple Launches ‘Tech Talks’ Tour for Apple TV Developers

Apple today announced the launch of a new series of “Tech Talks” for the Apple TV, designed to help developers learn how to create apps and games for Apple’s new set-top box. The Tech Talks are held in a number of cities around the world and are hosted by “Apple experts.”

Apple Launches ‘Tech Talks’ Tour for Apple TV Developers - New Liberty Standard
The new Apple TV is here, bringing incredible and immersive apps and games to the big screen. Get in-depth technical information on building and designing for tvOS, learn refined coding techniques, and obtain valuable development instruction from Apple experts.
Developers can register to attend a Tech Talk through Apple’s website, with registration open from now until November 13 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Dates and locations are below.
Toronto – December 7, 2015
Los Angeles – December 10, 2015
Austin – December 14, 2015
Seattle – December 16, 2015
Cupertino – December 17 and 18, 2015
Berlin – January 8, 2016
London – January 11, 2016
New York – January 12, 2016
Tokyo – January 21, 2016
Sydney – February 3, 2016
Each of Apple’s all-day Tech Talks will include morning sessions focused on the Apple TV’s capabilities, designing apps, creating interfaces, integrating the Siri remote and game controllers, and using on-demand resources. Afternoon sessions will focus on topics like technologies for graphics and gaming, media streaming, and more, and a reception will follow giving attendees a chance to interact with each other and Apple’s staff.

Update 11/16: Apple is now choosing lottery winners for its Apple TV Tech Talks and notifying winning developers.

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